About Us

Nasser Al-Muharrami Advocates and Legal Consultancy Law Firm is one of the leading law firms in the United Arab Emirates, due to its rising upon the Integral Basic Elements and Principles of Legal Profession; Moreover, providing an Elite of the most experienced and qualified Consultants who are highly-practiced in dealing with various types of Issues such as; Commercial, Civil, Criminal, Labor and Personal Status Cases.

Mr. Nasser Al-Muharrami’s Law Firm Partners ensure that their Firm offers the highest level of Legal Care from; Legal Services and Consultations, Clients’ Businesses and Issues, along with ensuring that the manner of dealing with the Customer is based on Clarity and Integrity so as to establish Mutual-Trust between our Law Firm and the Client.

Since, Nasser Al-Muharrami Advocates and Legal Consultancy Law Firm has been gone ahead, it seeks to provide Convenience to the Client by employing a group of Consultants who are fully-prepared to serve all Customers at all times ;as well as, providing the Client with all Means and Methods of Communication ;ensuring at which, his easy access to the accurate Legal Information ,and thus keeping him informed and been in direct contact with his Issue(law case) ;hence, providing Clients with the Information and Legal Advice that support their Legal Status regarding work.

We wish our Clients are satisfied with our Legal Services provided to them. We even aspire for welcoming you and taking care of your work so as to protect your Legal Affairs.


Regards handling with Customers, we aspire to reach the highest levels of Professionalism and Progress in the Legal Profession, besides being one of the Leading Law Firms over UAE, the Arabian Gulf and Arab Countries by banding Individuals of Expertise and Competences together within One Team, working in a Consistent and Highly-Professional way to provide Legal Services which comply with the State Laws. In addition to meeting the Customers’ Aspirations by providing them with the Accurate Legal Consultancy and Services.


Our Law Firm is keen on supplying the Customers and Clients with Legal Parachute to protect their Rights and meet their Needs by achieving their Aspiration.


Adhering Truth and Denying Injustice wherever we find in our way at the Legal Arena is our Message as a Law Firm. Besides; facilitating access to Justice in coordination and cooperation with Judicial Authorities, We will even do our best to establish the Legal Profession and facilitate access to it by Society and the Vulnerable; as well as, our Constantly Striving to deliver for everybody the Message about the Importance of Legal Culture in Communities, so as to guard them against many of Daily-life Problems and Obstacles, and also, reveal their Rights Guaranteed by Laws. We will exert much effort to catch up with the Developments taking place in(witnessed by) the Local and International Justice Department; and then, employing them to serve our Customers’ Interests in accordance with the Best Standards which ensure Velocity of Achievement so as to serve their Interests and Rights.

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