Nasser Almuharrami

Lawyer / Partner

  • Holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Law from Al-Jazira University in 2015.
  • Worked for ADNOC from 2013 – 2017.
  • Holds a Certificate of Passing the Lawyers’ Training Course from Abu-Dhabi Institute of Judicial Studies in 2016.
  • Training at a Law Firm in Abu-Dhabi in 2016.
  • Holds a Certificate of Substantial Completion from Abu-Dhabi Technology College in 2014.

Attorney Nasser Al-Mahrami's Speech

Nasser Al-Mahrami aspires to have his Law Firm as one of the Distinguished Firms in the field of Legal Profession , by achieving the Clients’ Objectives and Interests ; and even by our actively Contribution in solving Legal Problems they expose to ; together with, our Trials for guarding them against dealing with the Future Disputes and Potential Legal Issues through the Provision of Legal Advice and Guidance  by Long-Practised Competences who are employed by Mr.Nasser in the Law Firm so as to support them with the Best Legal Services and ensure the Implementation of their Goals which ,from Mr.Nasser’s Point of View ,known as success.

Mr.Nasser Al-Mahrami is keen on providing the Clients with Legal Advice and Services which are in-line with the Vision of their Firm and in accordance with Best Standards that ensure Velocity of Achievement ,and thus, serve the Customers’ Interests and Rights.

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