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Legal Consultancy

Nasser Al- Mahrami’s Law Firm provides Legal Advice to the Clients through its 24-hour Website, where a Group of Competent Legal Advisors immediately respond to Customers’ Inquiries with our Commitment to keep the Secrets and Information we receive from all Customers through Our Website or E-mail or through Other Means of Communication. We also receive your Legal Inquiries in our Office from 9 a.m to 8 p.m.

  • Corporate Issues
  • Commercial Compensation Cases and Commercial Claims.
  • Traffic Injury Compensation Cases.
  • Unlawful( Illegal ) Commercial Competitive Cases.
  • Filling Penal Complaints in Police Stations and following them up before the Prosecution and Criminal Courts.
  • Litigation in Criminal Cases, Representing the Accused-Party and Deputizing him by attending sessions in Cases of Misdemeanors and Felonies at the Local and Federal levels within all stages of Litigation.
  • Mr.Nasser Al-Muharrami seeks for being a Party to Reconciliation and Settling Family Disputes amicably; thus due to its significant impact on society and children, as well as, trying to alignment Parties’ Views before resorting to the Courts in the event of impossibility of Reconciliation.
  • Representing Parties to Disputes before the Personal Status Court at all stages of Litigation.
  • Litigation in Labor Disputes before the Labor Court in addition to Representing Companies before it.
  • Representing Individuals in their Financial Claims before Civil Courts of varying degrees.
  • Medical Malpractice Cases.
  • Representing Individuals before the Competent Courts, in which, a Party to the Dispute is a Governmental Authority; and even, Deputizing and Litigating for them before Courts of Litigation of all its’ stages.


Nasser Al-Muharrami’s Law Firm has some of the Top-Qualified Legal Advisors who are capable of representing Clients in Commercial Disputes that its Contracts’ Nature requires them being referred to Arbitration Boards before resorting to the Judiciary.

Our Consultants surpass, due to their experience in Arbitration, in trying to find the Right Legal Solutions for the Client ; in addition to finding Solutions to the Shown Dispute before the Committee of Arbitration or the Arbitration Panel ;and furthermore, providing the Utmost Care in the Arbitration Meetings to guarantee achieving the Best Legal Results which stands up for our Clients’ Interests.

Contracts Drafting

Contracts Drafting, Commercial Agreements of all its kinds and Contracts of Incorporations and its Alteration.
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